Become An Avon Sales Leader

MLM Opportunity

ales leadership offers a fantastic multi-level marketing opportunity, empowering you to establish and lead your own team of Representatives.

Support & Training

You have the flexibility to bring in new representatives from all regions of the UK, whether through in-person meetings or online appointments. Additionally, you receive outstanding continuous training and support from the leading Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing company in the UK.

Incredible Incentives

Avon provides remarkable incentives along your sales leadership journey, starting with earnings from your initial Representative.

As you progress, there are Business Builder Bonuses to achieve, plus additional bonuses for every new Representative that becomes part of your team.

Opportunity Calls

As the world becomes increasingly digital, online selling has become a crucial aspect of
modern entrepreneurship.

Becoming an Avon representative offers a unique opportunity to sell high-quality products
through a personalized online store on the official Avon shop website.

Motivation & Flexibility

The wonderful aspect of Sales Leadership is the ability to manage your own business on your terms and schedule. You can easily be a Sales Leader while balancing other commitments, seamlessly integrating your business whenever it’s convenient for you. AVON can adapt to your vision; it only asks for your dedication and effort.

Avon gives you the authority to steer your own ship. You establish your goals, determine the time and effort you want to invest, and chart the course of your business. This independence enables you to mold your success in alignment with your individual aspirations.


Commission earnings commence with your initial Representative. AVON presents a singular opportunity – become a Representative and/or Sales Leader. Avon provides a rewarding earning potential, with your income expanding in proportion to your dedication and efforts.

From the offset

From your very first Representative, you start earning. As a Representative, you can earn up to 32% commission, and as a Sales Leader with AVON, there are numerous bonuses awaiting you.


As an Independent Sales Leader at AVON, you’ll receive comprehensive training and assistance to empower you in constructing your team of AVON Representatives throughout the UK, unlocking boundless earning possibilities.

Avon is committed to your success and offers thorough training and support to ensure your flourishing journey. You will be equipped with insights into product knowledge, sales techniques, business management, and marketing strategies. Avon goes the extra mile by providing a dedicated support network for representatives, which includes mentors and online communities to assist you every step of the way.

Perks and Incentives

A car program that has enabled numerous individuals to drive home in a new vehicle.

Annual rewards encompassing holidays, cash incentives, vouchers, gifts, and more.

Recognition at National Business Meetings

Circle of Excellence trip Every Year

VIP treatment including exclusive gala dinners

Join Avon Today

Embrace a new chapter by joining Avon today and unleashing your potential as a business owner, beauty enthusiast, and advocate for self-confidence. Embody the spirit of Avon and embark on a fulfilling journey that enables you to make a positive impact, foster meaningful connections, and pursue your aspirations. Together, let’s make beauty accessible to all and empower individuals to radiate both inside and out. Joining AVON is now simpler than ever!

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